Add On Services

Enhance your massage or spa experience with one or several of the following options.

Aromatherapy                         $5
Choose from a variety of essential oils to be used during your massage. 

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment    $20
Stimulating massage reduces tension and pressure while oil conditions hair.

Sinus & Headache Rescue   $20 
Breathe easier and feel relief with steam towel application, aromatherapy, and a cold stone massage to the head and face. 
Warm Stone Upgrade          $20
Smooth heated rocks are used throughout the massage to relax and reduce muscle tension.
Chi Wave                                  $15
Unblocks trapped Chi energy while reducing stress and muscle tightness using a wave like motion. When the machine stops after 15 minutes, feel a rush of Chi through your body.
Foot Soak & Scrub                 $15
Relax, renew, and moisturize your feet from heel to toe with our exfoliating sugar scrub.
Paraffin Dip                             $15
Application of melte mineral wax to a specific area of the body, to help relieve pain and stiffness in muscle and joint areas.

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